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Earn Your Executive Assistant Certification Online

Our mission is to help our students become exceptional executive assistants and either start their executive assistant career or take it to the next level.

We achieve this by focusing on four key principles:

  • We offer lifetime access to all course materials, that get updated frequently
  • We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure you’re 100% satisfied
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Money Back Guarantee
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not happy, we’re not happy, so all of our courses are covered by a rock-solid 30-day money back guarantee.


Learn Everything Needed Kick-Start Your Career as an Executive Assistant

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Choose One Of Our Two Executive Assistant Certification Courses

Who it’s aimed at

Anyone wanting to become an executive assistant, or is a junior executive assistant looking to upskill.

Length of this course

Approximately 20 hours worth of reading, with interactive quizzes. Most students take six to eight weeks to complete, but some can complete it in two to four weeks with dedicated effort.

$247 One-off payment.

Who it’s aimed at

Motivated job-seekers looking to fast-track their executive assistant career, or those who are already executive assistants with the desire to become an exceptional performer.

Length of course

The Advanced Course contains all 20 hours worth of reading from the Professional Course, along with up to 20 hours worth of additional content. This course can be completed in either to nine weeks, or as little as three to five weeks for dedicated students.

$498 One-off payment

The Executive Assistant Training Course Designed to Supercharge Your Career

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Affordable & convenient Executive Assistant certification

There are a number of Executive Assistant certification courses available, but it can be tough to decide which one is best for YOU.

We’ve found people want access to a executive assistant training course that can be completed in their own time.

This is simply a more convenient way to earn your Executive Assistant Certification, and it’s exactly how we do things here at the Executive Assistant Institute.

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Progress through our Executive Assistant certification at your own pace

Earning your Executive Assistant certification online takes as little as three weeks – and this is just part-time study in the evenings.

We’ve designed our course to be free from “fluff” or “filler content”. People don’t want to read 100 pages on a topic that can be taught in just 2 pages.

By focusing on the essentials of becoming an executive assistant, we believe you’ll remain motivated to complete the course and earn your executive assistant certification.

executive assistant certification programs

The Benefits of Taking Our Executive Assistant Course

With our executive assistant course, you’ll develop critical skills such as organization, communication, time management, and problem-solving. 

Completion of either of our Executive Assistant certification programs lead to certificate that is recognized by employers and industry professionals, increasing your earning potential and fast-tracking you into an executive assistant career. 

The flexibility of taking our Executive Assistant Certification online allows our students to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule.

Simple Step-by-Step Process

Work through our Executive Assistant Courses at your own pace, then take the simple online exam to earn your Executive Assistant Certification.

Flexible Process Fits Your Schedule

Earn your Executive Assistant Certification in as little as 3 weeks, or take as long as you like. You’ll get lifetime access.

Done-for-You Executive Assistant Forms

Our resources can be used as cheat-sheets to simplify your daily tasks as an Executive Assistant.

Start a Career That You’ll Love

Our Executive Assistant Certification launches you into an interesting and engaging career you’ll love.

How to Deal With Any Situation Imaginable

Within our online Executive Assistant Certification you’ll learn to effectively navigate any situation assistants may be faced with.

Why choose our Executive Assistant Certification?

In just four weeks, you can complete our online executive assistant training course.

That’s all it takes to earn your Executive Assistant Certification with the Executive Assistant Institute.

Study at your own pace with our lifetime access. Once you sign up, you can study and complete the course in one week, three weeks, of 6 months. It’s up to you.

Our online Executive Assistant course has engaging assignments, quizzes, and a final exam to ensure you become equipped to be an exceptional executive assistant.

Plus, you’ll get full access to our library of checklists, cheat-sheets, and bonus resources to make your life as an executive assistant completely stress-free.

What's included in our Executive Assistant Training?

Unit One - Introduction to Executive Assistant Roles and Responsibilities

The first unit lays the foundation for your executive assistant certification. You’ll learn what an executive assistant does, what training is the best for executive assistants, how to prepare to become executive assistant, and how to get a job as an executive assistant. This unit covers the basics to give you a better understanding of the journey you’re about to begin.

executive assistant certification training unit 1

Unit Two - Essential Skills for Executive Assistants

Next you’ll learn foundational skills that are essential for all executive assistants. From communication to time management, no executive assistant training will be complete without touching on these topics. If you excel in these areas, you’re already ahead of 80% of other candidates.

executive assistant certification training unit 2

Unit Three - Managing Executive Calendars and Meetings

An important part of becoming an Executive Assistant is understanding how to manage an executives calendars and their meetings. You’ll learn the best approach to tackling these tasks, and the latest technology that can save you time and headaches in this often frustrating part of becoming an executive assistant.

executive assistant certification training unit 3

Unit Four - Administrative Tasks and Document Management

This unit explores some of the basic tasks that you’ll be expected to manage on a daily or weekly basis as an executive assistant. 

executive assistant certification training unit 4

Unit Five - Professional Development for Executive Assistants

This is the only executive assistant certificate program that dedicates an entire unit to professional development. You’ll discover how to grow your career in many different ways to ensure you continue to grow your income.

executive assistant certification training unit 5

Unit Six - Managing Projects and Teams as an Executive Assistant

As part of our certification program you’ll learn the art of managing projects and teams to ensure things run smoothly and effectively.

executive assistant certification training unit 6

Unit Seven - Technical Skills for Executive Assistants

The first unit of our Advanced Course is where the rubber hits the road and you learn many of the skills you’ll be using on a daily basis. Although there are hundreds of other online courses that tech these topics, we felt no executive assistant certification would be complete without them.

executive assistant certification training unit 7

Unit Eight - Specialized Skills for Executive Assistants

C-suite executive assistants often need specialized skills that aren’t necessarily required for lower level assistants. This unit explores those skills and gives you foundational skills in each of them.

executive assistant certification training unit 8

Unit Nine - Industry-Specific Knowledge for Executive Assistants

Our executive assistant certification course goes above and beyond other courses by dedicating an entire unit to industry-specific knowledge. Discover what you need to know to break into highly paid industries.

executive assistant certification training unit 9

Unit Ten - Frequently Asked Questions

Wrap up your executive assistant training with a quick and easy unit answering all the final questions you might still have about becoming an executive assistant.

executive assistant certification training unit 10

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really earn an executive assistant certification online?

Yes, the Executive Assistant Institute has been carefully designed to teach the craft of being a great Executive Assistant, and upon completion of our course all students are awarded with an Executive Assistant Certification.

Why is your course price lower than others?

Our online Executive Assistant Certification is cheaper that other options for a number of reasons. Firstly, our course is 100% online with no printed or posted material which would incur additional costs. Secondly, our course is self-paced and completed by students online in their own time. This allows us to keep costs lower tan in-person courses or courses that are streamed live to virtual classes.

Do I need to pay any ongoing fees as part of your executive assistant certification course?

Our Executive Assistant Certification course has no ongoing fees. When you sign up you’ll get lifetime access for no additional costs, or no annual renewal fee.

What is the total course cost?

Our Professional Course costs $247, and the Advanced Course $498. There are no costs over and above this.

Are there any prerequisites to take these courses?

 No, anyone regardless of their experience can sign up for our Executive Assistant Certification course.

Do you offer any free executive assistant training?

 At this time, we don’t.

What is the course curriculum, and how long will it take to complete the course?

The course typically takes two to five weeks to complete, depending on how much time each week you can dedicate to progressing through the curriculum. You can view both the Professional and Advanced courses to see what the Executive Assistant Certification curriculum contains.

Will the certification be recognized by employers?

Employers typically look at two things when reviewing a CV – your experience and your education. Taking a self-directed online course in your own time shows motivation and dedication to be the best executive assistant you can, and a certification from a brand such as the Executive Assistant Institute will be looked upon favorably.

What are the requirements to enroll in the course?

 There are no requirements to enroll in our Executive Assistant Certification other than motivation to learn, and a credit card for payment. You’ll also need access to a device and the internet to access the content and complete the exam.

What format is the course offered in?

Our Executive Assistant Certification course is delivered 100% online in the form of written content, quizzes, and slides.

Will the course cover the latest trends and technologies in the executive assistant field?

We update our content every 3 to 6 months and you’ll have lifetime access to all future updates.

What types of assessments and assignments are required to earn the certification?

There will be a mix of multi-choice questions, and short written answers. The exam takes about 45 minutes and you are allowed to re-sit it if you don’t pass the first try.

Do I have to pay extra if I need help after I finish the program?

No, you pay the one fee for lifetime access.

What’s with the exam?

To award our Executive Assistant Certification we need evidence you have completed the course work, and have a level of knowledge that we can support with a certification. For this reason, before you can complete the course you’ll be asked to complete an open-book online exam.

Is this executive assistant certification 100% online?

Yes, our Executive Assistant Certification course is fully online.

Do I get a certificate after completing the executive assistant course?

Yes, you’ll be sent a digital certificate that you can choose to print if needed.

What kind of job prospects will the certification open up?

Our Executive Assistant Certification course teaches you all you need to know to become an Executive Assistant. 

Is the course flexible, and can I take breaks or postpone my studies if necessary?

Yes, we are one of the most flexible Executive Assistant Certification courses available. Once you sign up you have lifetime access with no time limits to complete the course. Some people take 2 weeks, others over a year.

Are there any additional fees or expenses I should be aware of, such as for textbooks, materials, or exams?

No, there are no hidden fees at all.

What is the refund or cancellation policy if I am unable to complete the course or change my mind?

We’ll provide a 100% refund without asking any questions. This typically takes a few hours to process.

What kind of certification will I receive upon completing the course, and what are the requirements to maintain it?

There are no ongoing costs or requirements, and you’ll receive a digital certificate which can be printed locally if needed.

How is the course structured, and what kind of learning tools are available?

The courses consist of a number of units which each cover a specific topic. Each unit contains written content, slides, and quizzes. There will also be some practical assignments throughout the units.